Five Products for the Neat-freak Parent, 18-month-old edition

Wet OnesHappy Tuesday! Here are five items I think are worth buying for cleanliness, peace-of-mind and a little bit of OCD relief. Full disclosure: I may be a CHUMP, but I am getting nothing out of recommending these products. I actually bought and paid for them.

1. Green Sprouts Disposable, Stick-on Placemats. These are the best I’ve found for keeping your kid semi-clean at restaurants. They stick to the table, and you can color on them. They even come with crayons. And the coolest part: they are made out of LIMESTONE. Coming from central Indiana, known for its Limestone exporting (you’re welcome, Empire State Building), I’m happy to see a use for limestone dust.

2. Wet Ones Sensitive Skin Hand Wipes. Safe for baby; and they make me feel like I can take on the germs in the world. Bonus: no annoying scent that interferes with your dinner.

3. Travel Disinfectant Spray. I haven’t even USED this but I just feel better having it in the baby backpack. Like, if I was forced to change a diaper on the floor of a truckstop bathroom, things might just be OK. P.S., found a Target-brand version in their travel section.

4. Shark Steam Pocket Mop. Kids spend a lot of time on the floor, and with wood floors, I’m constantly stressed about keeping them clean enough. (Yes, just “enough.”) This is a great tool to keep your floors clean, in a relatively quick period of time. The pads are washable and it cleans with JUST WATER. (So no unnecessary chemicals.)

5. Shout Color Catchers. If you want to wash all your kid’s clothes together and occasionally don’t want to worry about throwing in that new red shirt, these are awesome. I love pulling out a pink one (they start out white) and thinking, “THAT WAS A CLOSE ONE!”

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