Five Observations About Mad Men

1. If they spin off a Ken Cosgrove show when this whole crazy Mad Men ride is through, I’ll totally watch it. I enjoy every second he is on the screen.

2. Betty Draper is the antichrist. (OK, MAYBE just very immature and misunderstood. But the jury’s out.)

3. I think Peggy Olson might have Asperger’s syndrome, or something on the autism spectrum. Why does she have so much trouble figuring out how to interact with almost everyone?

4. I want to start a drinking game wherein you take a drink every time you see an item of fashion or decor that is totally dated but has become cool again. And then you take two drinks when you see something hideous that will hopefully never come back.

5. My prediction for the end: Don sheds his assumed identity and resumes life as Dick Witman, buys a little farm back in the Midwest and adopts an orphaned teen boy, hoping to right the wrongs that happened to him.


  1. Joe Donatelli (@joedonatelli)

    1. I, too, have become a Cosgrove fan. A Harry and Kenny odd couple spin-off is NECESSARY.

    5. I think Don ends up at Woodstock, stoned, with Sally. I need this show to end in the 1960s. If it bleeds into the 70s, the fashion and sex will be too depressing.

  2. littlebrightidea

    The way Ken just sat back and watched the show while Harry burst into the partners’ meeting in the conference room was pure, unspoken gold. And good point on the 60s. I don’t want to see Don get old and paunchy and even more irrelevant than he’s already becoming, while still trying to charm the pants off of every desirable woman he meets. Maybe that means he’s got to die.

  3. Jennifer

    Ken is great. Poor Betty! I miss the old days of her and Don. It’s just not the same.

    I have really grown to like Peggy, even though she is awkward. I loved when her and her team and Don and his team were standing outside the hotel room. For a second I thought Don was gonna punch her.

    Two drinks when I see something hideous? I’d be drink within 5 min of the show!

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