Back on the Plan

I’ve recently jumped back on “the plan” — Weight Watchers, that is. Being pregnant, then breastfeeding, then general crazy still newish-mom stuff derailed me for, oh, a few years. But something recently clicked, and I’m back on the plan. (Was it impending swimsuit season? A particularly unflattering photo? One too many pairs of super tight pants in the closet? The world may never know.) I’ll be posting a few “legacy” posts from the now-defunct but super-fun blog I wrote with friends Lisa and Chandra, “3 Shrinking Ladies,” which was a mostly diet-related blog.

One great new development since I last did WW– the iPhone tracking app is great, and even has a separate but linked barcode scanner app, which will track scannable items easily. NIFTY!

Stay tuned for more …

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