Useful Recipe Re-org

I’m thinking of reorganizing my recipe box. Rather than the standard “breads; salads; poultry; desserts” categories, I’m considering some actual useful deliniations. Here are some of my ideas:

Realistic Recipes

Aspirational Recipes

Recipes That Will Make Me Fat

Recipes I Won’t Really Try But Would Help Me Stay Skinny

Recipes Other People Have Given Me That I Will Never Try But Feel Obligated to Keep

What Was I Thinking When I Saved This

Recipes I Used To Love 10 Years Ago

Recipes I Can Never Find When I Need Them

Recipes I Will Make But Should Really Spend the Time Doing Other Things

I’m In Over My Head Recipes

Where Did This Come From?

Recipes I Will Prepare Out Of Guilt

Then maybe I’ll label the box “Open In Case of Emergency – When Internet Is Not Working.”

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