My Own, Unscientific, Attainable, Better-than-what-I-was-doing-before Fitness Challenge

My commitment to health and wellness in the New Yearhyphy:

1. One yoga class a week. (We have just moved down the street from a fabulous yoga studio, Yoga Blend, so this helps.)

2. One at-home cardio session a week. (Something as easy as this video from, just to start out with.)

3. One long walk with my kiddo a week.

4. One at-home Pinterest-y toning session a week OR one bike ride a week. (Like this. Or this. Or this.)

This commitment fits three very important requirements:

1. Variety (I get bored easily.)

2. Attainability (It’s just one of each!)

3. Accountability (I’ve put it on the Interwebs, so now you all have to hold me accountable!)



  1. thewellnesstrail

    Well done at setting achievable goals that WILL make a difference! Check out my health and wellness page and blog for support, motivation and information ( Instagram: the_wellness_trail)

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