What Do You Do With an Idea?

IMG_0499First, I had an experience.

Then, I had an idea. (It almost started as a joke.)

Then I went back to my life. (At least I thought I did.) But the idea kept tickling me. Reminding me of itself. Even before I realized it was an idea.

Then I received just the tiniest bit of encouragement and positive reinforcement.

So now I have a decision to make. To pursue or not to pursue?

Three things make think this may not just be a crazy dream.

  1. My daughter has a book: “What Do You Do With an Idea?” It’s a very thoughtful and whimsical study of how to nurture inspiration. For a few weeks now, that phrase has been rolling around in my head: What do you do with an idea?
  2. Yesterday, I walked into the library. In the entry was a book sale, and front and center on a cart of “collectible” books was a beautiful old blue children’s chapter book: “Sarah’s Idea.” I bought it.
  3. I had subsequently almost talked myself off of the ledge of believing. But when I hopped back in the car after dropping my daughter off at school this morning, writer/director Kevin Smith was on the radio discussing how people are really good at talking themselves out of good ideas. I believe his exact words were: “We are all Lord Byron when it comes to talking ourselves out of a good idea.” I actually screamed.

I have never been one to think that the “Universe” is trying to tell me something. I am a skeptic. But at this point, it seems like I’m just being ridiculous if I don’t sit up and take notice. (Am I crazy?)

The fear: that this will become another flash-in-the-pan idea that I eventually tire of. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing? (Hey, I am good at this. How else can I shoot myself down?)

Current mood: on the fence. I’m thinking, planning, researching, and strategizing. We shall see.

One comment

  1. Phil

    I say do it!! Take chances, believe in yourself (because your friends believe in you!), and even if it doesn’t come to fruition, the journey is the real reward.
    We all have too many regrets in life. Take things off that pile instead of adding on.

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