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Catch-as-Catch-Can, 6.12.13 (All Mouth and Trousers)

Today’s Internet Rabbit Hole:

Proofreading took me to the AP Style Website. No help.

Then onto the Guardian website. A bit of help.

Then googled “What style guide do British news outlets use?”

That took me to the Guardian’s and Observer’s online style guide. (That is AWESOME that this is online for all to see.)

There, I found a new saying to add to my repertoire: “all mouth and trousers.”

Web definition: Superficial, engaging in empty, boastful talk, but not of real substance.


Creative Cussing Without Scarring Your Children…

Loving this article on Yahoo about 10 old-fashioned swears to spice up your cussing. It’s always a challenge to show frustration without teaching your little learner their next new word!  (And believe it or not, this Midwestern girl has been known to drop a “Consarn it!” now and then.) I love the origins of the words and sayings too.

10 old-fashioned swears to spice up your cussin’