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What Do You Do With an Idea?

IMG_0499First, I had an experience.

Then, I had an idea. (It almost started as a joke.)

Then I went back to my life. (At least I thought I did.) But the idea kept tickling me. Reminding me of itself. Even before I realized it was an idea.

Then I received just the tiniest bit of encouragement and positive reinforcement.

So now I have a decision to make. To pursue or not to pursue?

Three things make think this may not just be a crazy dream.

  1. My daughter has a book: “What Do You Do With an Idea?” It’s a very thoughtful and whimsical study of how to nurture inspiration. For a few weeks now, that phrase has been rolling around in my head: What do you do with an idea?
  2. Yesterday, I walked into the library. In the entry was a book sale, and front and center on a cart of “collectible” books was a beautiful old blue children’s chapter book: “Sarah’s Idea.” I bought it.
  3. I had subsequently almost talked myself off of the ledge of believing. But when I hopped back in the car after dropping my daughter off at school this morning, writer/director Kevin Smith was on the radio discussing how people are really good at talking themselves out of good ideas. I believe his exact words were: “We are all Lord Byron when it comes to talking ourselves out of a good idea.” I actually screamed.

I have never been one to think that the “Universe” is trying to tell me something. I am a skeptic. But at this point, it seems like I’m just being ridiculous if I don’t sit up and take notice. (Am I crazy?)

The fear: that this will become another flash-in-the-pan idea that I eventually tire of. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing? (Hey, I am good at this. How else can I shoot myself down?)

Current mood: on the fence. I’m thinking, planning, researching, and strategizing. We shall see.