California Travelin’

Five places in California I want to visit

1.  Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks. Lovely AND local!

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

2.  Avenue of the Giants, in Redway, Calif.  Because how awesome would it be to drive through a tree?

3.  Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada. Tried once and failed due to weather conditions (still snowy in June!)

4.  Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. Sounds like a Haunted edition of “Holmes on Homes.” Like HGTV but Spooky!

5.  The Bridge to Nowhere hike in the San Gabriel Mountains. Someday if I ever become a hiker, this is on my list. Another local treasure!



Five places in California I’m really glad I’ve visited

"Goodbye, God, I'm goin' to Bodie."  (photo courtesy Lito and Jennifer Velasco)

“Goodbye, God, I’m goin’ to Bodie.” (photo courtesy Lito and Jennifer Velasco)

1.  Bodie State Historical Park in Bridgeport (near Mammoth Lakes): A real ghost town, not a cheesy tourist attraction, held in a state of arrested decay. Very seldom do Americans get to feel so … desolate. What started as a back-up when Yosemite was closed turned into a very memorable excursion!

2.  Drive up Highway 1: This and Route 66 may just be the nation’s most iconic road trips; and I’d venture to say this is the more majestic of the two. Ocean views and bridges most of the way make this a bucket list-worthy trip.

3.  San Diego Zoo Safari Park: If you are used to regular zoos, this place is a whole new world. More space, a more natural setting, and an awesome safari area where the animals that won’t eat each other are all mixed in together.

4.  Mammoth Lakes: this was another destination that started as a “consolation prize” when Yosemite was closed; but it was truly beautiful country. Lakes, mountains, waterfalls, trees and a change of scenery. It was literally a breath of fresh air.

5.  Santa Barbara: We’ve gone here time and time again, with out-of-towners and on our own. The beach, mountains, shopping, a cute little zoo, Stearns Wharf, the Mission, our favorite mexican restaurant and Julia Childs’ favorite taqueria … the destination that keeps on giving.

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  1. Jennifer Velasco

    Sarah – Let’s go to the Winchester Mystery House. Seriously. Lito and I are totally down for it. You guys let us know a date and we’ll do it!

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